Panos Kiamos Live

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Panos Kiamos Live

Sat · February 9, 2019

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Panos Kiamos
Panos Kiamos
Panos Kiamos born and raised in Athens, from his early years he lived in an environment surrounded by music which became second nature to him. Immediately after high school in 1994 (having already been accepted into medical school) music had become his passion and his goal. Although he didn’t attend medical school he did learn guitar and music theory. Making appearances in major nightclubs alongside prestigious names in the Greek music scene such as: Tolis Voskopoulos, Makis Christodoulos and Eleni Dimou, these were some of the names that he had the opportunity to work with early in his career. Panos Kiamos stood out due to his intriguing tone, his interpretation of songs and appearance on stage.

In 1998 his first cd entitled "Enas erotas latreia kai anagi” was released and immediately the songs "Oloi gia senane milane" and "Trelos gia sena" hit number one. In 1999 he released his second cd entitled "Den eisai moni" a title song that won a place in the hearts of music lovers and radio producers. Following in 2000, came the cd “Tou erwta feggaria" featuring a song titled "Girna Piso" which managed to open the door to the musical success we see today.

2002 was a breakthrough for the artist as he found himself in Thessaloniki. As Kiamo himself explains, Northern Greece sings "Very Real" and they "Endure" as reflected in the cd “Tis Nihta Oneiro" he sings about a new star emerging in the music industry. Another Cd emerged “To Gelio sou Klaiei” written by Alekos Hrisovergi and Spyros Doctora. By this time Kiamo’s name was becoming known throughout Greece reaching every corner of the country. In 2004 he released his first double cd titled “Panos Kiamos LIVE” (live recording at "FIX") one of the largest nightclubs in Thessaloniki. His popularity rose so much that the venue sold out every night of the week. Talk about this new "phenomenon" in the Greek music industry rose to great heights and the cd soon became gold!
In 2005 Panos Kiamos had finally reached his goal and his success was clear to everyone. His appearances at ”ASTERIA" in Glyfada assisted in his climax to fame as the initial 20 scheduled performances turned in nine consecutive months, breaking all previous attendance records in the history of Asteria. Another mark Kiamo left in the history of Greek Music came from the cd “Eisai Pantou", one of the few songs to play for as long as it did in the music control followed by "San Tainia Palia". With his success firmly established at ASTERIA (Athens) and PYLH AKSIOU (Thessaloniki) his Cd went Gold. Shortly before the beginning of the summer of 2006 where he continued to perform live in Glyfada Panos Kiamos changed record label signing with UNIVERSAL MUSIC. It was here that the Cd "Monima Erotevmenos" was produced and released. "Eho Ponesi Gi’authn" was the first song on the album stand out making the top of the radio charts and was featured as the hit of the summer. "Dose mou Mia Nyxta Mono" was the second single from the same album to hit big on the charts. In the following years Panos Kiamos continued to make hits and his albums continued to be honored as Gold, then came the big change in his life.
In 2008 Panos Kiamos introduced to the world his new born daughter, stating to the media what a "miracle" fatherhood was. In the spring that came Kiamos found himself on tour in Greece, Cyprus and Germany, all performances were an undeniable success, during which he came out with a second live album from his shows titled "Panos Kiamos LIVE Our own nights." The cd contains live recordings from both "ANODOS" in Athens and from "PYLH AKSIOU" in Thessaloniki. In November 2008 Kiamos releases an album dedicated to his daughter «get ready for love “Gia Agaph Etoimasou", including a song called "Hartoriktra" had a style and sound no one expected to hear from Kiamo that ended flew to the top and won over more fans. Simultaneously, another song from this same album was unexpectedly singled out despite the absence of bouzouki and clarinet "Apopse Fora ta Kala sou". It be came a tsifteteli anthem! Following was also "Ena Magazi Apopse tha sikoso ston Aera"! Its success is unprecedented. Furthermore, the third most part of his latest cd "In heaven" goes to the top of the radio! The cd «Os to Ourano einai Ligo" makes platinum and became number one on the radio charts! In January 2010 "Sfiriksa kai Eleikse" was released and blew every one away. By March 2010 the song proved to be the success of the season: it became a slogan due to the lyrics of Thanos Papanikolaou and even won an award for “Best Slogan in a song” at the Mad Music Awards. Panos dedicates this award to his father and his son who was born 40 days earlier. Undoubtedly undergoing one of the best phases of his life, his latest album titled "Tha Zisw Gia Mena" is 4 times platinum within a few days and Panos Kiamos’ hits are a success; "Hmaste Ena", "Tha Ziso Gia Mena," "Ennoite" "Autos pou Paei" "Dikos sou Gia Panta" are being heard all over Greece. Now he after releases this year PANOS KIAMOS BEST OF CD he is preparing to tour the USA and Australia to show his appreciation to the public outside of Greece that have shown him so much support.
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